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        作者来源: 江都市天马钢塑网带厂 发布时间:2014-02-20

        The flat wires are arranged in the form of lattice and jointed with the straight rods.Advantages
        1  . 采用齿轮传动,连转稳定。
        The positive sprocket drive ensures stable running.
        2 . 开孔率大,通风性及排水性佳。
        Large open area ensures high air permeability and dehydration capacity.
        3 . 容易洗净。
        The belt can be easily washed.
        4 . 网面平顺运载不稳固制品。
        Because the belt has smooth surface, it can carry
        unstable products.
        5 . 可转向之板式网带,可用于转向型输送机。
        CFW can be used for the curved conveyor.

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