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The Cle Elum Ranger District Off-Road Vehicle Program is managed by the ORV Rangers, Mikki Douglass and Jared Treser (509) 852-1051 (Desk Phone).  Kim Larned is the Cle Elum Trails Manager (509) 852-1062, and the Cle Elum Ranger is Michelle Capp (509) 852-1100 (front desk phone).  The Ranger Station address is 803 West 2nd Street, Cle Elum, WA 98922

Mikki Douglass
Lead ORV Ranger

Mikkii has worked on the Cle Elum Ranger District since 2002.  Her background includes professional motorcycle and mountain bike racing.  She races a Dog Team in Sled Dog Sprint Races in the Fall and Winter.  She holds a degree in Exercise Physiology.

Jared Treser
ORV Ranger

Jared has worked on the Cle Elum Ranger District since 2008.  He's been a Wilderness Ranger, ORV Trail Maintenance Crew member and now works as a full time ORV Ranger.  He is a master wood worker and holds a degree in Law and Justice, G.I.S. and Natural Resource Management. 

Dawn Fouts
Part-Time ORV Ranger

Dawn Fouts has worked on the Cle Elum Ranger District since 2012.  She worked as a full-time ORV Ranger in 2018 and currently fills in when needed.  Her passions are mountain biking, 4x4ing and hiking.

Steve "Bear" Cromien
Lead Moto Volunteer

Steve "Bear" worked as an ORV Ranger for 10 years.  He makes more money as a welder, though....that's good news for him but not for our crew!  Bear maintains his credentials, however, and patrols and logs out with the crew as a Volunteer.  He is a great guy and is passionate about preserving motorized trail opportunities.

Dave McMains
Lead 4x4 Volunteer

David McMains is our Lead 4x4 Volunteer.  He worked as an ORV Ranger on the Cle Elum District for 5 years.  Dave is an experienced 4x4er and is a member of the Pacific NW 4WD Association (Region 4).  Another great guy that always has a smile on his face, Dace is all about getting trails logged out and open!

V-Team Members
Membership List

V-Team Members - is your membership "current".  Please check the list.  List shows name, Saw Certification date (remember, Sawyer cards are good for 3 years) and year you signed Agreement.  Please remember you MUST sign an Annual Agreement.  You can download a 2019 Agreement here and mail electronically or by snail mail.  You must also sign JHA's annually, even Sawyers (cahinsaw JHA), so make sure you download the signature sheets after you read the JHA's, sign and return.